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Dr Sowmya Krishna has experience of working with patients with varied problems including psychosis, mood/affective disorders, anxiety disorders, intellectual disability (mental retardation), developmental disorders like ADHD/Autistic Spectrum Disorders, medically unexplained symptoms and personality disorders. She has worked in in-patient and community rehabilitation/outpatient settings and can manage patients at various stages of their illness at home or in hospital settings.

Dr Sowmya Krishna has particular interest and expertise in managing complex and treatment resistant psychosis and mood disorders. She has developed the personality disorder service in Liverpool by writing guidelines for the trust and also delivering training for various professionals. She has had extensive training in psychotherapy and have worked with patients using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Cognitive Analytical Therapy.

Dr Sowmya Krishna has experience of working in Liaison Psychiatry and have an interest in psychiatric co-morbidities in patients with cancer and long-term conditions like diabetes. She is interested in psychosomatic disorders, chronic pain in particular.


She has conducted research in this area looking at psychological profile of patients with foot and ankle disorders and this has been published in the Foot and Ankle International Journal.


Dr Sowmya Krishna was involved in offering liaison support to Clatter bridge Centre for Oncology, United Kingdom, during out of hours shifts. She developed this further by spending time with the liaison psychiatric department during my years as a consultant as well as during my time with the primary care mental health team.

In addition to the above, Her experience in psychotherapy has helped her formulate collaborative care plans and offer appropriate psychological support to patients and carers. She also had the opportunity to look at service provision by working with professionals from other disciplines as well as charitable institutions which form an important part of cancer care.

Dr Sowmya Krishna has also developed family and carer links and can offer interventions to families.

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